Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Process

How to Book, Confirmation Process, Voucher Queries, & More

What happens after I book?

Once your payment is approved, you will receive a personalised ClubConnect (or partner branded) print-at-home voucher for each tour, attraction, activity or service booked. This voucher will also be emailed to you as a confirmation of your booking. Please contact us if you have any difficulties in opening your email attachment.

Should I reconfirm my tour?

For all tour products that require a booking date, it is essential that you reconfirm 48 hours prior to booking date directly with the tour operator (product supplier). Their details will be on your voucher under Tour Operator (Supplier) Details.

If I need additional tour information, where can I find it?

The tour operator's contact details are located in the middle of the tour voucher (or under Supplier Details). Please contact the tour operator directly, or feel free to contact one of our representatives at if you still require assistance.

Where do I present the voucher?

You must provide the original, authentic ClubConnect or partner voucher to the appropriate service provider in order to redeem your tour, activity or attraction ticket. Your reservation cannot be honoured or redeemed without presenting a valid ClubConnect voucher.

Please note that some operators accept mobile vouchers, if this is true, you will see a 'Mobile Voucher Accepted' icon on the product page. For security purposes, when redeeming your ClubConnect voucher, you must present a valid Photo ID and the ClubConnect voucher. This is for identification purposes and helps us to prevent fraud.

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