Up to 5% Cashback on All Purchases

Our audience (AKA you) is wonderfully unique, and we do everything we can to help you find your fit. We offer our ASOS Brands in more than 30 sizes and we're committed to providing all sizes at the same price so you can be confident we've got the perfect thing for you.

All new customers get 5% cashback! Already a customer? Not to worry, you're still eligible for 2% cashback. To receive Cashback on your purchases, click the button provided to access the retailer’s website. When you’ve finished shopping, you will receive a notification in your app confirming the Cashback amount due. If you have not received a notification within 5 days from the date of your online purchase, please let us know. Depending on the retailer’s returns policy, it may take up to 90 days for the Cashback to be settled and deposited in your personal Wallet.

To be eligible for Cashback you must access the partner site through the button/link provided. GST, delivery costs, and products that are returned do not contribute to the purchase amount that is eligible for Cashback. No Cashback on Gift Card Purchases.

How to earn Cashback
Terms And Conditions

Simply download or update the My NRMA app.

  1. Select 'Settings' and then the 'Cashback' tab
  2. Securely link your eligible Visa or MasterCard to start earning Cashback when you shop
  3. Make sure you use this card for your purchases to earn Cashback
  4. Add your bank account so you can withdraw your Cashback earnings or if you prefer, donate to Charity.

Key terms that you should be aware of being a member of the My cashback program are:

We make cashback offers available to you on the basis that the Participating Merchants pay us a commission for referring you to them. You may not be credited with Cashback for various reasons including where we are unable to confirm your transaction with the relevant Participating Merchant.

All cashback offer are subject to availability and change by our Participating Merchants. We exclude our liability in certain circumstances, including for consequential loss, if the Service is unavailable, for any unauthorised use of your Account, and for goods or services purchased by you from third parties referred to from the Service. We may disclose your personal information to other people, including to Participating Merchants program partners and other third party service providers necessary to deliver a feature of the Service that relies on that party or to process a transaction with that party.